Frequent questions

The device should not be held in the hand. If you hold the arm in your hand it acts as an antenna and the range increases. The device is designed to be used as a badge.

Once the Covid emergency is over, it is possible to reuse Covid Stop, for example in one of the following ways:

  • After reprogramming, it can be used to signal the presence of forklifts (10 m). When a forklift truck approaches a person, the device rings and vibrates.
  • After reprogramming, it can be used to signal dangerous areas. If the employee approaches a dangerous area, the device vibrates and rings.
  • After reprogramming it is possible to use it as an anti-theft, or as reverse operation. If two devices move apart over a certain distance, the device rings and vibrates.

Yes, it is possible when ordering. With an additional cost it is also possible to carry out an ad hoc calibration at the customer. Distances can be adjusted from one meter up to 10 meters. The factory distance is adjusted to an ellipsoid of 1.5 meters of focus.

It can happen when there are many active devices (about a hundred) that some can transmit at the same time and therefore “not see each other” for a few seconds. The transmission times are randomized to avoid the overlap of these effects. After a few seconds, detection is still guaranteed.

Yes, the partner company Glob Tek can follow the implementation of the device in the company’s biohazard DVR without problems. For information contact g.gavelli@glob-tek.it.

Put in charging. If the Green Led does not light up after turning the device on and off and ringing the device, contact Quantum Devices.


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