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We were born from the experience and collaboration between two Italian companies: SAS Sinterizzati of which Davide Valpiani is a partner and director and Glob Tek, a company specialized in innovation and research, where Giovanni Gavelli is Operations Director.

The societies

SAS Sinterizzati

Since 1978 SAS Sinterizzati has been producing sintered mechanical components based on the customer’s design and sintered iron and bronze bushings, both cylindrical and flanged.

The production also includes the self-lubricating bushings with Fips tolerances, a brand acquired in the nineties. It also manufactures a wide range of accessories and components for Pneumatics, sold in over 70 countries both directly and as OEM products.

Finally, it produces custom sintered filters, using spherical bronze, Aisi 316L stainless steel (in wire and powder), ceramic and porous plastic.

The societies


Glob-Tek is an innovative entrepreneurial reality able to offer complete, professional and rapid consultancy and assistance services, deriving from the experience acquired by its partners over the last 15 years and the possibility of using state-of-the-art equipment.

Glob-Tek never stops at mere measurement or analysis but is able to provide concrete answers to allow the resolution of all issues related to safety, hygiene at work and health even in non-regulated sectors.

Non-regulated consultancy is one of Glob Tek’s strengths; the scientific approach aimed at research allows the study of new and not yet codified risks such as the risk from nano particles or from unknown technologies.

The societies


TecnoElettronica provides its customers with feed-back regarding the level of manufacturability and testability of its products, so that the customer can decide if and when to activate any project improvement actions.

The technical area of ​​the company responsible for industrialization mainly deals with the products designed by its customers, creating a standardized documentation that allows the various internal processes to operate in optimal conditions through the analysis of the documentation received such as electrical diagrams, CAD data and gerber file.

This activity can be limited to the study of assembly and testing methods up to the remaking of the layout of the printed circuit or complete equipment.

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